About Us

Wind Horse Records Studios

Wind Horse Records was established in 2009 and has the distinction of being India’s first record label dedicated to house music. During the last nine years, we have released many tunes produced by top electronic music artists from India and abroad. These include debut albums from the likes of Vinayak A, Soul Space, Hamza from India and Kali G from Morocco.

The label itself has received support from renowned DJs around the world like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, and many others. After running Wind Horse records for almost a decade, we decided that it was time to create a space where we could take our music and audio productions to the next level. This idea came about as a solution to a limitation faced by many music producers in the country today. Issues such as not enough large live recording rooms , proper mixing facilities and studios have always been a constant. Hence we envisioned an initiative to construct a symbiotic space that would enable us to undertake the production of more elaborate , expansive and complex music at the studio.

This initial idea then expanded into something more than just a studio. It dawned on us that it would be a great idea to use this space to teach kids and the next generation of musicians about production and performance and help them hone their craft by offering different courses. In addition we would also be able to rent the space out to producers who need to zone out in a blissful sensorial environment and focus on their creative virtues.

The appearance of these developments coincided with our chance discussion with Karthikeyan Sivasankar A.K.A Tatsama. Tatsama is a renowned electronic music producer from India and has completed a sound engineering degree from The School of Sound Recording (SSR) in the United Kingdom. Our meeting with Tatsama birthed the idea of – Wind Horse Studios. Hence we decided to team up with a school and studio in mind and transform it into a project that has the potential to stir the electronic music community of Hyderabad and provide a haven for them to explore the various aural possibilities that lie before them.

Last but not the least, Wind Horse Records Studios is also located at a venue that is a designated heritage site, flanked by nature and equipped with a swimming pool, ample space for walks, as well as on site cottages which will allow us to accommodate various types of musicians and actually collaborate with them, rather than sampling from sample libraries. The vibe of the studio is akin to that of being in an artist retreat, but in reality you are in the middle of a very busy city. It is our belief that in order to unleash your creativity one has to be inspired and well aligned with their body, mind and spirit.

Our vision has finally come to life and we are opening our doors this November, 2018 for all of those who want to benefit from the experience we have in store. We are offering DJ courses, Production Courses, renting out the studio for recording and jamming, and giving out our live room for bands who want to rehearse for their shows. The DJ and production courses will be in batches, but we will provide 1-1 learning as well (based on availability) , which means that one can have a personalized option. This will be great for people from other cities as they will now have a chance to come to a serene and tranquil environment and learn the trade whilst escaping the city madness.

Wind Horse Studios has also delegated an in-house sound engineer for those renting our recording facility, at no additional cost. An added benefit for Wind Horse Studios and our students and visitors would be our association with our own community radio called Charminar Radio Station that has been running since 2011. This radio station will also act as a platform for all our students as they will have the opportunity to perform on air and showcase their production and mixes.

In conclusion we would like to add that we are indeed lucky to be the among first few generations in India that has the chance to put out world class music. It is a great time to be part of the music scene and we are here to share our knowledge and grow organically together as a community.

Join us on our journey of musical exploration and let us unite the world – one beat a time


To make your experience even better we have in-house accommodation that will enable you to be close to the studio and maximize your time efficiency while using the studio.