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Electronic Music Production

Experience world-class electronic music production tutoring at Wind Horse Records studios, the top music school in Hyderabad. Give aural wings to your ambitions at the city’s top EMP school using one of the world’s most powerful platforms – Ableton.

Why are we among the best Ableton schools in Hyderabad?

Wind Horse Records Studios offers the best audio production courses and electronic music production courses in Hyderabad. This is because the faculty consist of music industry veterans and producers who have shaped probably the best Ableton course that you can get.

A 3 month (2 classes/week of 3 hr duration) course designed to teach you everything you need to know about producing music using Ableton. The course is perfect for beginners but even if you have been making music for some time you will benefit from learning professional techniques from an experienced producer.

All of these factors have helped us confidently stake our claim to being the top Ableton production school in Hyderabad. If you are serious about taking your production game to the next level , then this course is for you!

Your search for the top electronic music production school in Hyderabad ends here!

We have a batch system for students from Hyderabad

  • 4 Batches per year
  • 2 classes per week
  • Each class will be 3 hours

Please contact us for further details.

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  • 1-1 Personal Coaching
  • Custom Made Curriculum according to students need
  • 2-3 hours per class
  • Personalized Time Schedule
  • Fees for One on One classes will be based on the subject to be taught. Contact us for more details.

Please get in touch with us for further details and course fee.

Course Details


MODULE 1: A Sound Foundation

An introduction to the properties of sound, loudness and dynamic range.

MODULE 2: Electronic Music Appreciation

A general discussion of the history of electronic music, genres and the differences between analogue and digital music production.

MODULE 3: Ableton Live 11 Essential Training
  1. System setup and preferences
  2. Files, Clips, Browser Explored
  3. Session view and Arrange View Explained
  4. The Live Mixer
  5. Recording and Editing MIDI and AUDIO
  6. MIDI and AUDIO effects in detail.
  7. Automation in Live
  8. Warping Audio in Live
  9. Software Instruments
  10. Intro to Max4Live
  11. Exploring Ableton Live Racks
MODULE 4: Production 101

A. Beat Creation
-Using MIDI
-Using Audio samples and loops.

B. Operator, Analog and Wavetable
-Creating a Bassline, leads and pads.
-Sound Design.

C. Sound Design with Simpler and Sampler.

D. All about Sampling!

MODULE 5: Mixing and Mastering Toolbox

1.Understanding the 3D sound stage.
2.The Frequency Spectrum made clear.
3.EQ 101.
4.All about Compression.
5.Using Delay and Reverb in the mix.
6.Creativity through Mixing.
7.Group mixing and Buss Processing .
8.Limiting and Master Channel processing.
9.Mastering the Mix.

MODULE 6: Music Theory Foundation

1.Basic Layout of Keyboard
3.Basic Chord Theory and Progression

Additional Info

For outstation students, we have fantastic in-house accommodation that will enable you to be close to the studio so that you can maximize your studio time.